Palletising software for MOTOMAN robots.

PalletSolver is a revolutionary robot palletising software package for Motoman® robots. The software offers a host of features and was designed to deliver uniform palletising performance. 

Main features:

  • Virtually unlimited product variety
  • Supports all conventional gripper types
  • Dynamic gripper zone configuration, can be modified for each individual cycle
  • Export/import of cell and gripper databases that can be accessed from all projects

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Control and operation of camera applications.

The MotoSight2D interface is a software extension for the DX100 and FS100 controllers for operating and controlling Cognex Insight EasyBuilder-based camera applications.

Main features:

  • Display of camera image on robot teach pendant
  • Simple assignment of vision system results to robot variables
  • Macros for triggering and transferring results
  • Display and editing of threshold values
  • Good/poor display
  • Display of graphical results

Flyer MotoSight2D


Order picking software for controlling picking processes.

MotoPick coordinates and simplifies complex packaging processes and is distinguished by its simple handling. The combination of product recognition by a camera and conveyor tracking and correct setdown of the product at the desired position in the correct tray is controlled using MotoPick.

Main features:

  • Start-up management
  • Mixed order picking capability
  • Optimized load distribution among the robots
  • Multi-gripper operation capability

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